Income Taxes

Income tax season is everyday of the year!

We prepare and Efile present and past due income tax returns for both business and individuals

Filing of your income tax return on a timely matter allows you to receive your return faster as well as any federal or provincial payments that you might be entitled to such as HST or Child Tax Credit

Late filing of income tax returns may results in countless letters from CRA as well as being assessed which is usually more that what is owing. This is a road you do not want to be on so it is imperative that you file and file early.

You do not want to be assessed for taxes owing by CRA or have to pay the penalties and fees for not filing or late filing especially if money is owed to CRA.

Your only alternative is to have us file your return and the earlier the better as a superb benefit to you and your family is that we also provide a comprehensive financial plan to help you obtain your business and personal goals and objectives. We provide year round income tax preparation service.


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